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Large Guanyin wooden statue 40 inches high

Large Guanyin wooden statue 40 inches high


40 H x 18 W x 9 D in including base



Large Wooden "Guanyin (Kwan Yin)" wooden statue

--Kwan Yin---

In Chinese Buddhism, Quan Yin is Synonymous with the with the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvera, the pinnacle of mercy, compassion, kindness and love. ( Bodhisattva- being of bodhi or enlightenment, one who has earned to leave the world of suffering and is distined to become a Buddha, but has forgone the bliss of nirvana with a vow to save all children and god).

In Sanskrit she's known as Padma pani - " Born of the Lotus", the Lotus symbolizing purity, peace and harmony. 

She is the enbodiment of compassionate, loving and kindness. Quan Yin's sacred duty is to relieve suffering and encourage enlightment smong humans. She is said to have taken a vow that she will enter heaven last of all others have completed their cycle of lives. Her name means the one who hears the cries of the world. Her invocation is 

Namah Quan Shah Yin Pu'sah

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